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Wailua Meat Company

Thin. Savory. Crisp. At Uncle Willy’s Jerky Co. our meat is Hawaii-raised, 100% grass-fed beef. Processed in Hawaii, we marinate the beef in an old-school 24 hours, letting our flavors sink perfectly into the meat. Then we dehydrate it to perfection, following USDA inspection standards. The result? A healthy, satisfying jerky that’s popular on Kauai with locals and visitors alike.


About Uncle Willy

Affectionately known as Uncle Willy, William Sanchez Sr. began processing meat from the family farm and creating small-batch, home-style jerky when his children were young. As they grew older, he taught them his process and shared his original recipe with his son, William Jr., inspiring him to create his own unique, artisanal-style recipes. Today, William Jr. proudly runs Uncle Willy’s Jerky Co. in honor of his hardworking father.

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